Loree Harvey wins the prestigious Chevrolet Green Educator Award!


We are very proud to announce that our own Loree Harvey of Monte Vista has won the prestigious Chevrolet GREEN Educator Award for 2012. Loree is one of only 5 teachers nationwide to win the award.
We are proud to have nominated her for this award. Loree, thank you for all you have given your students and your commitment to River Watch. Congratulations!
Thank you for teaching with passion, your commitment to River Watch, to and to the future of our kids.
We could not be more proud!

“She holds a B.S. in Biology and a Master’s degree in Biology from Adams State College, with an emphasis on amphibian physiology and ecology.

Harvey is the building coordinator for the successful Science Fair Program, where she engages youth in student-led, project-based learning. She believes that ALL students can do high-caliber, meaningful science and supports students in the design and implementation of their own research projects in a school district with very limited funding and high levels of poverty and at-risk youth. With her guidance, hundreds of students compete at Regional, State, and International Science Fairs, and gain deep knowledge not only in science and research design, but also in public speaking, professional behavior, and good citizenship. Some examples of her students’ projects include: measuring the amounts of radon in dozens of homes, and looking for correlations with construction type, age of the home, and type of foundation; and examining the effects of a commonly-used chemical on local dirt roads in the San Luis Valley, measuring the germination rates of wildflower and crop plants to see if the chemical was harming growth.

The students conducted literature searches and educated themselves on the science of their own projects, becoming fluent about the particular aspects of the science they were investigating, and effectively communicating this information with other students, teachers, and the public.”

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