Our Data

If you are a River Watch volunteer, please log in and enter your data here in our database.

If you are a volunteer logging in or entering data for the first time, please watch this short five-minute video on field data entry.

Data FAQ

Click here to learn how to retrieve data, see what data is available, and learn more information about River Watch data.

Public Access

Access to our database is available to the public. You can register for public access here. Once your account has been verified, you will be able to log in andĀ River Watch data and generate reports from the database homepage.

About River Watch Data

River Watch collects a multitude of water quality data statewide. These data are instrumental in crafting informed water resources policy in addition to educating people about the health of streams in their own backyards. Our data is additionally used internally to generate watershed reports for hundreds of watersheds statewide. These watershed reports as well as the raw data used to create them can be found and easily downloaded here.

We are firm believers in access to data. All River Watch data is publicly available on theĀ Colorado Data Sharing Network, National Water Quality Portal and is delivered to the WQCD for their annual hearing data calls.Without access to data, we cannot craft sound policy and empower communities to help protect what makes Colorado such a special place – its beautiful rivers and streams!