River Watch Data Tools

This tool is designed with the following goals in mind:

  • Quality Control — These documents are intended to be used in the field or lab while performing titrations and measurements in order to catch potential calculation mistakes, measurement mistakes, or stream outliers.
  • Data Summaries and Visualizations — These documents include summary statistics for temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, total hardness, phenolphthalein alkalinity, and total alkalinity. Box and whisker plots are used to show monthly summaries for 1) temperature and dissolved oxygen and 2) hardness and alkalinity.
  • Educational Tool — Use these reports to reinforce relationships between the parameters collected by River Watch or examine seasonal changes. Additionally, use the documents to see real-world examples of summary statistics and box and whisker plots. Interested in using the R code for yourself or tinkering with the code? Download the tool and read the included user manual.

Database Instructional Videos

These short instructional videos will assist you in utilizing the River Watch database.

  • River Watch data overview
  • How to log into the River Watch database
  • How to enter field data into the River Watch database

How to access specific datasets:

  • Chemical data
  • Macroinvertebrate and physical habitat data
  • Metals QA/QC data
  • Metadata reports